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For MANON, becoming a deejay was a completely natural & logical process. Roaming the night-life scene for more than a decade and getting in touch with all kinds of music genres, there’s always been a certain urge to share her passion for music and create an incredible experience for the crowd.

At the age of 14, Manon was pulled in by the melodic vibes of liquid drum n bass. Soon afterwards an interest in the groovy house and tech house scene emerged. These sweaty warehouse parties and energetic crowds were the mere base of a smoldering passion for the more underground techno scene, now the center point of a vastly expanding DJ career with residencies at the city of Ghent, Belgium.

Managed by her best friend and skilled DJ Chintoq, this foxy lady is taking the nightlife scene by storm and one thing’s for sure, this is only the beginning.

Influenced by the energetic Amelie Lens and flabberguasted by the technical productions of Enrico Sanguiliano and Technical skills of dave clarke, MANON has developed a deep rooted passion and base for her musical knowledge. Now she has set up the unevitable challenge of producing music for herself.

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