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Lebruce 2


Born in a small village called Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Lebruce grew up in a big family.
As a very young kid he got infected by music and dance. He started a performance group with his cousins and they performed all around the area.
After highschool he got accepted to ArtEZ University of the Arts to study modern dance. He graduated and started his professional work in an Amsterdam based dance company.
He fell in love with Amsterdam, and started to explore the city. It was in the night life were he started to be an MC for local dj’s. After a while he put his dance career on a low and started to focus on writing and making his own music.
Combining his music with his dance history, is what makes him stand out.
After performing on major stages and festivals in the Netherlands he is ready to take over the globe and make people dance.
With the release of his upcoming EP NightRyder, Lebruce is one to watch!